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Electric Scooter Key Lock with Voltage Display

Electric Scooter Key Lock with Voltage Display

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This key lock with voltage display is suitable for our

  • Bolzzen Gladiator
  • Bolzzen Dynamo

Bolzzen Gladiator Keylock and Volt Meter - the ideal factory replacement for your Bolzzen E-scooter. Specifically designed for the Gladiator and Dynamo, our Key Lock guarantees secure protection against theft. Made with premium materials, this key lock ensures reliable performance and long-lasting durability, giving you peace of mind while your scooter stays safe and performs at its best.

Also compatible with a range of other brands and models, including but not limited to 

  • Xero 10X
  • Dragon Hunter X10
  • VDM-10
  • Apollo Ghost
  • Dragon Raptor
  • E-Glide Mach 10

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