Warranty Information - Bolzzen e-Scooters Australia

Thank you for choosing Bolzzen e-Scooters. We take pride in providing you with quality electric scooters built for performance and reliability. To ensure your peace of mind and satisfaction, we offer the following warranty terms for our e-Scooters sold in Australia.

Warranty Coverage

  1. Duration: The Bolzzen e-Scooter warranty is valid for a period of up to 12 months from the date of purchase or until your e-Scooter reaches 2000 kilometres, whichever comes first. This warranty is only valid for the original purchaser.

  2. Coverage: This warranty covers manufacturing defects and faults that may occur during normal use of the e-Scooter.

Warranty Claim Process

Should you experience an issue covered by our warranty, here's what you should do:

  1. Contact Your Retailer, if this is us the contact us directly: Please get in touch with our Customer Support team via email or phone at support@bolzzen.com or    02 7258 3944 to report the issue.

  2. Assessment: We will assess the nature of the problem, and if necessary, guide you to the nearest authorised Bolzzen e-Scooter dealer in your area for an in-person assessment.

  3. Return Shipping: If an in-person assessment is not possible due to location constraints, you will be required to arrange and cover the cost of shipping your e-Scooter to Bolzzen HQ.

  4. Inspection and Repair: Upon receiving your e-Scooter, our technicians will inspect the issue. If the problem is determined to be warrantable under our terms, we will repair your e-Scooter accordingly.

  5. Return Shipping: Once the necessary repairs are completed, we will return your e-Scooter to your door or to a local depot, depending on the model and circumstances. If your scooter is not deemed warrantable, you will be liable to pay for return shipping. 


This warranty does not cover:

  1. Normal Wear and Tear: Damages resulting from normal wear and tear, including tyre wear, or cosmetic issues that do not affect the e-Scooter's performance.

  2. Misuse and Neglect: Damages caused by improper use, neglect, misuse, accidents, or any alteration or modification not authorised by Bolzzen.

  3. Third-party Accessories: Issues arising from the use of third-party accessories not recommended by Bolzzen.

  4. Commercial Use: This warranty is applicable for personal use only and does not extend to e-Scooters used for commercial purposes.

  5. Unauthorised Repairs: Damages or issues caused by unauthorised repair attempts or service.

  6. External Factors: Any damage resulting from external factors such as natural disasters or acts of vandalism.

  7. Water Damage: While our e-scooters all have water ratings, it is absolutely not recommended to ride your e-scooter in the rain. Any damage resulting from riding in the rain will not be covered. If water damage is found, warranty is void. 
  8.  Assembled by a professional- Most e-Scooters are an easy assembly; however, we recommend that all of our scooters are built by one of our trustworthy Retailers. e-Scooters that have not been assembled correctly may be deemed not warrantable.
  • Please retain your original proof of purchase, as it will be required to verify your warranty coverage.

  • Warranty claims will only be accepted from the original purchaser and is not transferable.

  • This warranty is only valid for Bolzzen e-Scooters purchased and used within Australia.

  • We reserve the right to void the warranty if the e-Scooter is found to have been used in an unauthorised or abusive manner.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding our warranty, please feel free to contact our Customer Support team at support@bolzzen.com or 02 7258 3944. Bolzzen is committed to providing you with a reliable and enjoyable e-Scooter experience, and we stand by the quality of our products.

Note: This warranty page is for informational purposes and should be reviewed in conjunction with the actual terms and conditions provided at the time of purchase. Bolzzen reserves the right to make changes to its warranty policy without prior notice.