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Blitzz by Bolzzen Electric Balance Bike

Blitzz by Bolzzen Electric Balance Bike


The Blitzz by Bolzzen is the newest, slickest Electric Balance Bike on the market. With a huge 200W motor paired with a 22V 4Ah battery and an incredibly lightweight frame, it’s the perfect companion for those longer rides, or as a stepping stone before their first motorbike!

Blitzz by Bolzzen Electric Balance Bike

Getting your little one on their first bike has never been easier. The Blitzz by Bolzzen is a great idea. Allowing kiddies to learn and progress at their own pace, learning and mastering their balance on two wheels takes away all of the stress. With the introduction of Electric Balance Bikes comes a new element – teaching kiddies to be confident with the bike making its own power – or, a stepping stone to their first motorbike!


One of the most important skills of riding a motorbike is being confident with the bike making its own power and managing it through corners, tricky terrain and around other people/riders. The Blitzz by Bolzzen is the perfect Electric Balance Bike with its super-lightweight one-piece magnesium-alloy frame, internal 22V 4Ah battery and powerful 200W eBike motor that’ll have it gobbling whatever track they take it on!




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