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Warranty Info

As you would expect, your shiny new Bolzzen comes with a nation-wide factory warranty. Please see below warranty terms and conditions.

Warranty Term

motor12-months from purchase
accelerator module12-months from purchase
controller module12-months from purchase
charger12-months from purchase
battery12-months from purchase
frame12-months from purchase

Warranty Condition

The Bolzzen warranty does not cover the following:

  • Damage caused by improper use, tampering, or modification
  • Damage caused by not following the recommendations in this knowledge base
  • Damage and breakages caused by accidents
  • Damage or failure caused by intentional misuse of this product
  • Bolzzen Scooters are NOT made for jumping, this will void warranty. 
  • Reasonable wear and tear on consumables (i.e., tires and brake pads/discs)
  • All Bolzzen scooters have a water IP rating but this DOES NOT allow for such things as – use in medium to heavy rain and hosing. Water damage only occurs when this has not been followed and therefore voids warranty.
  • Warranty is not transferable. We recommend only buying from our authorised dealers. 

Warranty claims must be made through your authorised Bolzzen retailer.

Each warranty claim is subject to Bolzzen approval based on evidence and advice provided to us by our own technicians, and/or supplier, repairer network.

All Bolzzen scooters come with a unique serial number. This is the buyers responsibility to keep a record of for cases of theft. Bolzzen do not store this information.

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