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Updated Gladiator – October 2022 onwards

In the second half of 2022, we’ve released an updated version of the Bolzzen Gladiator based on feedback we received from the market, our dealers, and you, our riders.

There’s a few differences with this version from the original, which in the below video Christian will walk through in detail.

Key Updates

As covered by Christian above, the key updates for the Bolzzen Gladiator are:

  • New large centre mount colour LCD screen & thumb throttle (on 6021 only)
  • Newly engineered high strength, easy to use folding mechanism.
  • Fixed sports handlebars
  • Headlight, side deck light strip, rear indicators & electric horn

Center Screen 6021 model Update - Oct 2022

In the interest of keeping the Bolzzen Gladiator 6021 as up to date as technology and price will allow, this version of the Gladiator has an updated screen/display. With it, there are some differences and changes to Error and P-Settings.

Screen Layout

Some important info.

①Turn on the display, boot time, max speed & average speed, and the next will be automatically switched in 5 seconds; when the menu is set, “P01-P20” is the menu item.

②When riding, the riding speed is displayed; when the menu is set, the value of the menu item is displayed.

③Total mileage, single mileage, voltage, current, acceleration value, fault code display, switch by pressing the menu button M

④The gear value, in the riding mode, use the power button to operate

⑤ Speed units: Km/h & MPH

⑥ The battery power is represented by the battery sign, “E”, “F”, 5 grid;

5 grids mean fully charged, and the battery sign will flash when scooter no power.

⑦Other signs: fault sign, lights on sign, cruise sign, Bluetooth sign, USB charging sign, lock & unlock status sign.

Updated P-Settings

The P-Setting menu is a place where you can customise certain parameters of your Gladiator. Please note that changing these settings without thorough knowledge and following the table below could lead to your Gladiator becoming inoperable or worse case, do irreparable damage to your battery.  THIS MAY VOID WARRANTY

Press and hold the M button for 3 seconds to enter the menu settings.
Short press the M button: to cycle through P01 – P20.
Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds, the setting value will flash, press the ON/OFF button, and the setting value will increase, pressing the M button will decrease the setting value.
Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to return to the main menu mode, in menu mode, long press the M button for 3 seconds to return to riding mode.

Updated Error Codes

These Error Codes for the Gladiator , should they be needed, will be displayed at the bottom of the circle where the ODO usually displays (example below). Should any of these codes appear, please contact your nearest stockist for assistance.

Multifunctional area digital description

The numbers in this area are used to show the total mileage, single mileage, voltage, current, acceleration value, and error code information. In the riding mode, short press the ON/OFF button to switch the content in turn.

Total mileage: 0 km

Single mileage: 0 km

Voltage: 58.1V

Current: 0

Tachometer: press thumb throttle, the value is 2950 for the maximum acceleration, 00000 means that no throttle connected, and the tachometer is about 00700 and does not accelerate in its original position; the tachometer value is generally 700-2950.

Should you have any questions regarding the new Bolzzen Gladiator and any of the updates it brings, please contact  your nearest stockist.

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