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Updated Commando

In the second half of 2022, we’ve released an updated version of the Bolzzen Commando based on feedback we received from the market, our dealers, and you, our riders.

There’s a few differences with this version from the original, which in the below video Christian will walk through in detail.

Key Updates

As covered by Christian above, the key updates for the Bolzzen Commando are:

  • Upgraded Zoom Brakes
  • Upgraded Performance Tyres
  • Stiffened Front Suspension
  • Wider Handlebars
  • Relocated Charging Port
  • Strengthened Rear Mudguard, and
  • a Strengthened Folding Brace

Center Screen Update - Oct 2022

In the interest of keeping the Bolzzen Commando as up to date as technology and price will allow, this version of the Commando has an updated screen/display. With it, there are some differences and changes to Error and P-Settings.

Screen Layout

This change in the central screen is to provide a better riding experience with added security to the design and connection of the motors, controllers and the informational screen. Giving you, the rider, better, more complete information during your ride.  

Some important info.

1.ON/OFF Button : POWER ON/POWER OFF Press and hold the ON, OFF button for 3 seconds to turn on/off.
Short press the ON/OFF button to turn on/off the headlight.

2. UP Button: GEAR UP
Short press the UP button to increase the gear
Press and hold the UP button to enable/disable dual drive mode.

Short press the DW button to downshift
Long press the DW button to enter/exit the 6KM boost mode (need to be supported by a controller)

4.Function menu settings
Press the UP button & DW button at the same time to enter the function menu interface. Short press the ON/OFF button to switch function options, short press the UP button or DW button to set the corresponding parameter value. After the setting is completed, press the UP& DW button at the same time to exit.

Bolzzen Commando Screen Layout

Current Speed Display

Voltage Status Level

Fault Status Display Area

Current Gear Display

Dual Drive Indicator

Single Drive Indicator

Multifunctional Display Area

Updated Error Codes

These Error Codes, should they be needed, will be displayed at the top left of the screen in the Fault Status Display Area. Should any of these codes appear, please contact your nearest stockist for assistance.

Updated P-Settings

As the display is new, the P-Settings for the Bolzzen Commando have also changed.

To access the P-Settings menu, on the Power On/Off and Gear selector unit, press and hold the Plus and Minus buttons for a few seconds.

To navigate through the options, short press the power button.

When you’re done making changes, short press the Plus and Minus buttons again.

Should you have any questions regarding the new Bolzzen Commando and any of the updates it brings, please contact either your nearest stockist, or contact us directly.

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