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Safety Warnings

We want you outside on your Bolzzen having the greatest time as soon as possible. However, there are first some safety warnings and regulatory things that need to be said to keep everyone safe, happy and riding for longer.


Every State and Territory in this great nation has their own laws and regulations regarding Electric Scooters and Electric Bikes. What is perfectly legal and fine in some places aren’t in others.

We look to make sure that our products are suitable for the greater Australian market, however, before purchase, please ensure that you are okay to have this product in your State or Territory.

As this scene seems to be changing quite a lot and quite quickly these days, we recommend checking with your Government Officials regularly.

Also, in addition to our safety warnings, each state and territory has their own requirements in relation to PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), including helmets, pads etc.

Environmental Safety Warnings

This product contains a Lithium battery. Whilst under normal, safe use, these batteries are perfectly fine and safe to have around and use. Intentional misuse, tampering and improper recycling can cause a major environmental issue. We’d also hate to see injury sprouting from misuse or modification of the battery.

Warranty Voiding Warnings

Modifying your Electric Scooter to your needs or personal style is a big plus. We’d love to see how you can make your Bolzzen Electric Scooter yours. However, please ensure that you’re doing it within the bounds of warranty and safety.

Under absolutely zero circumstances is it advised, recommended or approved for you to open the battery – leave this to the trained technicians.

Make sure that when charging your battery, use the charger that came with the product, or head over to our OEM Accessories Store to grab a new, or higher performing charger.

Bolzzen scooters are NOT made for jumping, this could result in damage and lead to serious injury or death. 

Safety Warnings
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