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Riding your Magneto 4818 & 5218

Getting to know your Magento

  • 1. Handle bar grip
  • 2. Right Brake lever
  • 3. Display
  • 4. Power and Mode buttons
  • 5. Left Brake Lever
  • 6. Handle Bar grip
  • 7. Thumb Throttle 
  • 8. Stem Hook
  • 9. Stem
  • 10. Deck
  • 11. Stem Hook Lock
  • 12. Rear mudguard
  • 13. Rear Suspension
  • 14. Rear tail light
  • 15. Hub Motor
  • 16. Rear 10″ Tyre
  • 17. Kickstand
  • 18. Stem Lock
  • 19. Headlight
  • 20. Front 10″ Tyre
  • 21. Front Suspension
  • 22. Disc Brake
  • 23. Charging Port




Press and hold the POWER button to switch the display

Short press the M button once (<1 second) to switch gears, a total of 3 gears (1 gear, 2 gear, 3 gear)

Switch the display content

Short press the  M button twice to cycle through the display content. Speed display (KM/H) > battery voltage (XX)-> accumulated mileage (ODO)

Note: The accumulated mileage will continue to accumulate every time the scooter is turned off and on again.

Light control

The headlight button turns both the headlight and the taillight ON/OFF.

Note: The headlight on with icon on

Battery undervoltage

When the battery undervoltage is detected, the last indicator of the power flashes, the scooter can still be ridden for a short distance, but it is recommended to charge scooter immediately.


When entering cruise control, the current speed unit will flash. Adjust accordingly to set speed.

Brake status

Brake warning.

After the brake power-off switch fails, this sign will always be displayed.

Display Features

  • Speed mode selection
  • Real-time speed
  • Trip meter
  • Odometer
  • Real-time battery output voltage/charge
  • Headlight control
  • Parameter settings

Multi-Purpose Information Readout

Battery Level Indicator

Gear Indicator

Advanced Settings or D-Settings

D-Settings are used to control your Bolzzen Magneto’s Advanced Settings.

Long press the M and ON/OFF at the same time to enter into the P-Settings mode. Short press the ON/OFF button to switch between parameters.

Short press M to change the settings. Long press the M and ON/OFF at the same time to save and exit.

Unfortunately, from time to time, something may go wrong with your Electric Scooter and there will be an Error Code that appears where your Trip Information once was.
These Error Codes are used by us and your local retailer to troubleshoot and resolve issues, so it’s important to know what they are, what they mean and what to do about them should they appear.

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