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DIY Maintenance

The proper care and maintenance of your Bolzzen Gladiator not only keeps it in its best condition for as long as possible, but it also is important for warranty and the long working life of its components.

Adjusting Shaking Handlebars

Throughout its use, the handlebars of your Bolzzen Gladiator may become lose and start shaking. Fixing this is as simple as tightening the nuts on the blue main clamp twice each.

Cleaning your Gladiator

A squeaky-clean eScooter is a happy eScooter. When using water and detergents to clean your eScooter, make sure that the USB and charging ports are always closed. This will stop any water or moisture going anywhere it’s not supposed to.

Adjusting the Brakes

Your Bolzzen Gladiator is fitted with Hydraulic Brakes. This means, you’ll be experiencing fantastic breaking performance, and you don’t really need to tweak or change them very often at all!

Keep to your servicing schedule and make sure your Bolzzen Gladiator is being serviced at least every 1,000kms and you should have many fun, safe adventures!

Keeping it Tight

Over time and distance, some components of your Bolzzen Gladiator may become a little less tight than they should be.

We recommend at least once a month (for avid riders), take a run around your Scooter with the Bolzzen Multi-tool and make sure all screws and bolts are tight and secure – but be sure not to over tighten, if it feels too tight, it probably is.

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